Pigi is:

  • HBase native API based
  • Configurable index system
  • Designed for web application
  • Simple object to HBase  mapping framework
Pigi isn't:

  • Solution for all relation modeling problems (Pigi doesn't support constraint checks)
  • Hibernate for HBase
  • SQL for HBase


New server
12-08-2009 We moved website to new provider. All stuff will be avaible in few days....
New version - sources
09-01-2009 New version Pigi 2.0 sources - released...
Webpage released
29-10-2008  Pigi webpage released....
New version - sources

Pigi 2.0 sources are finally available. It's still beta version, but we are working on it. There are a lot of improvements like:

  • queries : "from number of row and limit"
  • removing object s is much faster
  • first step to caching
  • first step to mapping by annotations

The sources are available in the SVN repository in Download section.

There is only one example at this time - we will port all cases from old version to current as soon as possible.

Copyright 2008
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